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Coatings for Aluminium


In addition to standard cast products, our company also carries out coating processes for customised cast parts. These are manufactured according to the customer’s guidelines and specifications but must meet the material conditions. Different metal alloys can be coated in different ways and have individual conditions.

Cast aluminium products have the following surface treatment options.

Shot-blasting of castings

We carry out shotblasting of castings with various materials with a recommendation to use Cr-Mo shot.

Malowanie proszkowe elementów odlewanych

We offer powder coating of castings. We are experienced in the prior surface preparation of castings to avoid out-gassing. We use the best powders dedicated to coating aluminium.

Anodising of castings

Adjatech has a proprietary technique for anodising aluminium castings. Many years of experience in this area enable us to obtain anodised coatings in very high, reproducible quality.

Vibratory machining of castings

In many situations, cast parts require a smooth surface in hard-to-reach areas. The solution to this problem is vibratory machining, through which we are able to achieve the desired surfaces.

With a wide range of coating options, we make cast garden parts, cast chair parts, window handles, components for architecture, cast automotive parts.

As an ambitious family company with many years of experience, our metal foundry Adjatech guarantees the highest quality of products and services. We warmly invite you to take a look at our offer!



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