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Aluminium castings

Casting technology involves producing products with specific shapes and properties by filling a previously prepared mould with liquid metal.

Decorative aluminium castings

The aluminium foundry makes decorative castings dedicated to a wide range of industrial and economic sectors, although with a considerable emphasis on modern design, casting design.

Brass castings
decorative and technical

Brass is a metal with a wide range of applications in both architecture and industry. We manufacture various types of decorative and technical brass castings, such as door handles, signs, plaques, …

Castings for architecture and construction

Adjatech makes casts of construction and for architecture. We undertake individual projects for monuments, busts, statues, plaques and architectural details. Our castings are distinguished by …

Coatings for aluminium

In addition to standard cast products, our company also carries out coating processes for customised cast parts. These are manufactured according to the customer’s guidelines and specifications but must meet …

and design

Modern design today makes it possible to develop practically parts that casting did not offer even 15 years ago. In order to fulfil orders quickly, our company offers the possibility of making models …

Cast chair frames

The foundry makes various furniture components from dedicated aluminium grades. Projects with furniture companies are usually created from the very beginning, i.e. from the translation of the design into the technological process through to the production phase of models and …



Gnieźnieńska 26

Janikowo, Poznań

62-006 Kobylnica