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Castings for Architecture and Construction


Adjatech makes casts of construction and for architecture. We undertake individual projects for monuments, busts, statuettes, plaques and architectural details. Our castings are distinguished by their high quality and faithful reproduction of details. We have the capacity to polish the details.

We have extensive experience in making aluminium plates, bronze plaques and brass plaques.

The casting workshop often makes interior design elements, cast handles, cast window handles, cast ornaments, cast curtain rod ends, brass candlesticks, rustic lamp castings.

Outdoor realisations are mainly brass plaques, brass and aluminium plates, commemorative plaques and other useful castings made according to the designer’s and client’s pattern or design.

We also manufacture thick-walled cast bushings, cast rollers and shafts, cast drive wheels, cast bodies, aluminium shafts, cast metal plates.

Decorative castings are often subjected to surface treatment and subsequent galvanic treatment. A powder coating process is also often used.

We offer chrome-plated castings, nickel-plated castings and gold-plated products. The most common products made by our factory are:

– external handles

– retro handles

– decorative plaques

– decorative signs

– metal advertising signs

– commemorative plaques

– commemorative plaques

– Historical plaques

Artistic and decorative castings are mainly made in sand moulds using refined quartz moulding and core sands.



Gnieźnieńska 26

Janikowo, Poznań

62-006 Kobylnica